Medical and Surgical Options

Many conditions may require medical or procedural treatments to obtain relief.  Exeter Foot & Ankle will meet your needs with our skilled professionals

Hospital consults

Specialist consult for in-patient, urgent limb & life threatening infections or routine problems – 24 hrs, 365 days/year

Athletes foot

Solutions for problem skin infections, safe and effective therapy to eliminate cracking, burning, and itching

Fungal toenail problems

Medical and procedure treatment for thickened discolored toenails of all shapes and sizes

Limb saving techniques

Alternative to amputations ! In some patient aggressive medicine and debridement can allow wounds to heal without the need to amputate

Diabetic care and education

Consultation and treatment offered to create a better understanding of diabetes and the effect of your feet.  Includes general foot care and diagnostic testing

Wound care

Healing treatment for difficult wounds often related to diabetes or vascular disease

Neuropathic pain

Generalized nerve pain often presents as severe burning or uncharacteristic pain requiring medicine and/or alternative therapies

Achilles tendonitis

The result of inflammation of injury to the achilles tendon or back of the heel will require aggressive treatment, therapy, and on occasion surgery

Bone Spurs

Often a result of fasciitis or arthritis these problems are often successfully treated by conservative means. However, more severe cases require surgery

Heel pain

Often cased by inflammation of the plantar fascia. Treatment include inserts, medicine, injections, alternatives, and on occasion surgery


An inflammation or tearing of a tendon treated with casting, bracing, orthotic, or surgery


A nerve inflammation with sharp pain in the area of the nerve treated with steroid or other effective methods


Accommodating treatments for degenerative joint disease and/or medical treatments for metabolic arthritities such as Rheumatoid arthritis

Bunions and hammertoes

Bone & joint deformity often treated conservatively and corrected surgically

Orthotics and bracing

Custom casting and fit plus lower cost options available

Sports Injuries

Treatment for all kinds of injuries, sprains, and fractures

Plantar warts

Painless procedure and treatment to eliminate pesky plantar warts

Ingrowing toenails

Safe and effective treatment with no time missed from activities